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Russell Pure Organic Collection
KME Showreel 2019

CGI Portfolio.

Abstract 3d render
Shaped Particles I
Abstract Cinema 4d MoGraph render
Dark Matter abstract sharp 3d CGI rendering on black background
Abstract Composition
Abstract Composition
Particle Simulation
CG Color Study

My Skills.

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Animation 2D/3D

Create captivating and unseen images and animations! Do you want to visualize certain technologies or processes for your company? Are you looking for visually impressing new ways of communicating your ideas to the costumer? I am capable of creating animations in 2d or 3d and I will assist you in all stages of the development for your corporate 3d film or animation.

3D sphere rendering

Computer Generated Images

Technology is developing and so do I. With the rising demand for computer generated images (CGI) I extended my skills to this new media. Do you want to expand your visual portfolio or want to show unseen perspectives? I offer all the tasks it takes to create images on the computer: modelling, lighting and rendering. I work with Cinema 4D and Redshift.

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Film Editing

As an experienced film editor who has worked on many  national and international film productions (image, corporate, product, food and sports commercials) for small and big brands I know all the steps it takes to create an emotional and captivating film for your company.

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Whether you need a basic color correction or an unique grading with that certain look for your film, I can help giving that finishing touch. I am experienced working with Davinci Resolve and a BMD panel.

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About Me.

Elwin van der Hoofd Cutter Film Editor Photographer 3D-Artist Munich Rosenheim Germany

Dutch Elwin van der Hoofd started his career as photographer in 2015 after studying photography in Munich, Germany. Ever since he has worked as commercial photographer of Still Life, Architecture and Art Photography. Driven and influenced by a strong passion for various disciplines like Film and CGI, he widens his technical and artistic skills through professional trainings and private projects to push his boundaries. This enabled him to work on photo and film commercials in Europe, Canada and South Africa.

His artwork and style is characterized by a clear visual language, strong shapes and sharp lines. He focusses on geometry and structure with an eye for details and captivating contrasts. He is interested in large imagery with great impact as well as trying to find the beauty in daily and common things.

Elwin van der Hoofd (born 1991) currently lives in the Munich area, Germany and works as photographer and video editor.


CGI grid structure on white background

Elwin van der Hoofd | Rohrackerstrasse 210 | 70329 Stuttgart